Thursday, July 18, 2013

2013 Where Bloggers Create

at last. I have sorted the room a little enough to be able to see my desk again. After my knee replacement I couldn't sit in my room on a chair so bought a lot of stuff out to beside my recliner chair in the lounge and hubby rearranged a few things and put a filing drawer behind me to work on. But now its back to the "craft room/office to create.
We are in the process of making a new studio room off the side of the house so Paul can have his own room and Toria wont be able to keep him awake at night etc.
I know this is not as "gorgeous" as some folks but it is workable for me.
The cot will be gone on the weekend and the blue plastic drawers back in there. The cot was for Aroha our youngest little grand-daughter that we are in a court case over with our sons sister-in-law, but by the time and if she gets here she will not be in a cot anymore.

So here goes.
Pic 1
 through the doorway, the room is not very large about 8ft x 8ft
Pic 2:
Storage drawers that hold my stamps, some inks, punches, chipboard, embossing powders, and lots of bits and pieces. It is in our dining room at the moment as the cot is in the space that they are normally in.
Pic 3
Part of a bookshelf just inside the door that has Moonglows, stain bursts etc and next shelf down has Ice Resin basket, etching, patinas etc in the next basket, next to them is my butane torch and other bits that need to be tidied up :-) 

Pic 4:
My paper racks with 12x12 scrapbooking papers and the trolley that is beside me for holding scissors, clamps,small hole punches etc. The drawers hold blank canvases, photo frames, all my stationary stuff etc.

Pic 5:
Golden Ted sitting on the paper racks and a stuffed doll which was a gift from Barb one of the 4BFF who are myself, Barb,  Lucy and Bevlea . The TV is only generally used for viewing DVDs etc and a bit of music now and then.

Pic 6:
Work area, computer on one side of desk and  the  shelf that has all my Goldens, Lumieres, Luminarte powders etc on it. The drawers to the right of the computer screen have all my various pens, tombows etc, metallic rubons, tubes of texture paste, small cutting mats that can be used with pergamano (which I havent done for about 7 years) I also use them with my Japanese Screw punch. Under the desk is my fabric bin and a bin of paper napkins (I have heaps, used to be a compulsion to buy up all the lovely ones I saw LOL )
Also close up of Fairy shrine from Retro Cafe Art Gallery that I am making for a friend in USA.

Pic 7:
Work space with the Fairy shrine pkt on my well used cutting mat, with my paint brushes, glues more pens etc. This desk area looks out the window to our large deck where the kids can play while I play and I can see what they are up to. :-)

Pic 8:
Nearly forgot these areas. This is my shelf that has my Lumieres, goldens, Luminarte powders, various gel mediums etc.

Pic 9:
The wardrobe, which has no doors now and hubby built shelves in it to hold my containers with all my laces, ribbons, braids etc. Bottom row has paper drawers, with jac paper, handmade papers etc, A4 paper racks, middle row is the little bins with the ribbons etc, top shelf has my unmounted stamps and beads. Bottom shelf has magazines and lovely books for inspiration.

Phew, if you made it to here, THANK YOU.... I love doing mixed media artwork and I wish my new studio was done but it takes time and money. Maybe next year when you stop by it will be done and look really lovely LOL.... Keep reading down the posts to see some of the work I have done recently.
Now I am off to check out more of the lovely spaces that bloggers create in.


Carmen said...

Hi, Glenda. Thanks for the tour of your workspace. You're really making the most of the room in there! I understand your setbacks and hope you're "back in the saddle," as they say... :-)

Following your blog now so I can't wait to see what you do.

Gwen Simmons said...

What a nice space, and so well organized. Sorry to hear about the knee replacement, but it sounds like you're getting better. Thanks for sharing.
Gwen Simmons

. said...

It might be small space my first space was a corner of a kitchen table), but you sure used the space well with how you organized it. Lots of treasures to look through in there.

Theresa said...

Wow, you are able to get a lot in such a small space....and a table too. That's great! I love it. Thanks for sharing!

Lucy said...

Pics look great Glenda.
It is amazing how much 'stuff' one can accommodate when one needs so much!
Hugs Lucy

Bevlea Ross said...

looks much better than last time I saw it LOL.. you certainly have SO MUCH STUFF LOL.. nice to see you back in your room creating... (and if hoarders turn up I didnt send them lol)

Glenda said...

Hey Bevlea, are you calling me a hoarder LOL. You'd be right up there with Kristi, shes always called me a hoarder hehehehe.

Maureen said...

Thank you for sharing your space Glenda! Mine isn't much larger ; but it looks like you are well organized to take advantage of every square inch! It's so great you have a spot to work while watching the little ones! Hope your back is much better.

Fozzy said...

Looks great Glenda, it looks so organised and you've done well to fit all that in to such a small space! :)

Susan Clayton said...

A place to create and store stuff - isn't it wonderful? Thanks for the tour said...

You have allot to work on my friend. I say, friend, because, afterall, aren't we all.

I'd love to hear about your knww surgery. I'm having a replacement on Sept. 10th.

Thank you for letting me visit.


Nanna said...

when I took everything out of my sewing room & rearranged it I realized I needed a bigger room when it all wouldn't go back in lol! you have a great organized space!

Diane | An Extraordinary Day said...

Oh my, Glenda! This is the creative place of a true artist!! I love seeing your art in process too. Thanks for sharing your terrific, well-organized studio.
Wishing you An Extraordinary Day!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Glenda. Lucky you are organised as you have so many goodies :) As a fellow hoarder, can you spot the little bit of jealousy peeping through ;) Thanks for the inspiration. I will have to look at my space (back of garage) with fresh eyes now. Maryse xx


Its biggnthen my art space Glenda...i just want to open all the draws and have a look at yr stash LOL. I hope specialist can sort my right shoulder out soon so I can make more puffy heart necklaces. I fully finished the one on my blog now so shall clean and polish it after dinner tonight and get better shots of it for my blog tomorrow... I test run it today and wore it to makes me smile when people like it!

fairyrocks said...

Thanks so much for popping by with kind comments. I would say you have done a spectacular job of arranging your nescesary items in your space. And you made room for a little one as well. I hope that turns out good for her soon. At any rate, keep smiling and creating. Thanks for sharing...PS I migrated, a select amount of supplies to the living room upstairs, so I can watch a little TV and still have busy hands.

Graceful Rose said...

Glenda, you have a great place to work with lots of storage but a new studio with more space will be great. I will look forward to seeing yours maybe next year. Thank you for visiting my studio!

Graceful Rose said...

Glenda, I enjoyed visiting your studio and seeing your creative space. I hope you can get the new space soon! Thank you for visiting my studio!

Duni said...

Hi Glenda,

I love how you organized everything! Your space reminds me I need to purchase a few more boxes :)
Love the whimsical artwork you create! Thank you for stopping by my blog recently and your lovely comment!
best wishes from Germany, Duni

Anonymous said...

Your creative space looks fine to me and well organised. You have a lot of stuff. I noted that many artists have always a lot of treasures around them.
Thank you very much for visiting my own creative space and for your kind comments.

Bonjour de France


Jann Olson said...

Hi Glenda, your space is so well organized and looks like a great place to create. You have some wonderful supplies. My room is still a work in progress. I found an awesome cabinet since the party. So things have already changed. Still getting the feel of where to put things.

Rita Barakat said...

Wow you have a lot of stuff like me! It takes me forever to get around to all the spaces too- but ti is so fun! Love your blog and art work!