Sunday, October 4, 2015

Fotochallenge Week 13 Spring Blooms

Week 13 on the Fotochallenge is Spring Blooms.
Mind you I dont know why I bother actually as nobody leaves me any comments to say its good, its bad etc etc, or let me know they've even looked.  Remind me again why we started this challenge!!!!

Anyway...... Here is pic taken in Wangaratta during the week of some lovely Flowering Gums. They were the only ones on the tree.
Flowering Gum
We are off to the beach this week for 7 nights to a time share on the Great Ocean Road. Will be lovely as I love the coast, can't wait to smell the sea air again. When we first moved inland to Australia from NZ, our noses were so dry from dry air instead of lovely coastal air.

Hope there's lots of photo opportunities and that I get the hang of the camera I have upgraded to. Its a Canon 7D. I still have to get a good zoom for it though. One of our next challenges is Beaches so I will go exploring I hope. Also we have never been on the Great Ocean Road so lets hope it lives up to the lovely Ocean Roads in NZ.

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