Monday, November 23, 2015

Catching up

Ok, so here I am catching up, but guess as I'm the only one who looks at it and comments, what really is the point, except that I enjoy the blogging.

OK. We went off to the Great Ocean Road for 7 days early October, it was so lovely to be at the coast again I so miss the smell of sea air..
We went to Geelong on the Tuesday, saw these bollards at The Pier  Entrance.
Bollards at The Pier
Kennetts River
This one above was at a great place called Kennets River, just past Wye River, we loved this place so much we went back the next day for the day, that is after we (kids) played at skate park etc etc.. And of course you can guess what had happened prior to this photo being taken, yep the wave was huge and knocked kids off their feet LOL, We hope to go to this place again and camp there for a few days.  Toria loved getting the shells and the cuttlefish that were washed up.

Torias shells and cuttlefish


Aroha loved to bury herself in the sand.. She was not too keen on the rolling waves, but will eventually get used to it we hope. Toria is still much the same as this but loves a swimming pool at home.

Okey dokey, back soon with more of the last month.

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Nice photos have a Happy Thanksgiving.