Sunday, August 16, 2009

FAIRY DRESS and City Scape

I saw a lovely Fairy Dress when I was over in New Zealand in May in a shop.
It's taken me this long to make one of my own, but here is a pic, if not a very good pic of what I made. But I hope you can get the idea. I enjoyed doing something that was not paper and paint for a change.

On Friday I met with Eliza and we headed over to Lucy's where Bevlea had already arrived and we had our next play day. We had show and tell with our last play which is the City scape. Everyone's looks great. Go over to their blogs and have a look at what they have been doing.

Here is a couple of mine. Still not totally completed, but this is the day side except the one with the car, that is the first night side.

I am really enjoying this style and thank Teesha Moore for sharing her passion with others. Most of the background's started out as bright scrapbook paper's and then I added some paint and swiped a bit of distress ink over them, added a few quirky but simple stamps, then added images from some image sheets I have as well as made up ones, ie cut a bit from here, a bit more from there and put them together with some quirky arms and legs.

So this week, I will be attempting to finish these both sides, do a recipe card swap for NZ and do some of the Book we started on Friday. This one I will probably do as a tribute to my husbands mum, as I loved her very much. It has pages that have transperancies in the windows, then we will add some images to the sides etc. We made our covers and the box for the trinkets to go in. OK......... are you intrigued, well you will have keep coming back for a browse and see what I did. See you next time..


Barb said...

lovely fairy dress my friend... it must be very small.

Barb said...

These Zetti pages are fantastic GF....!!!! I love them all! I covet them all!...LOL don't need stamps!

Glenda said...

Hey Barb. LOL, you know what happens to those that covet vbg...and I do need stamps hehehe............... Thanks GF for comments.
The fairy dress is about 9inches, from hem to shoulder.

Queen Of Toys said...

I am sorry my friend for not leaving a comment sooner. Awesome work, looks better IRL. Now all you have to do is finish it off.


Glenda said...

Thanks Eliza. Yes, finish it I must, but not with one image I might have used LOL

Margaret Weiss said...

Lovely work Glenda. I look forward to seeing the completed Cityscape. Margaret Weiss.

bockel24 said...

Your Zetti pages are so colourful and bright, just great!

Glenda said...

Margaret and Marion, thanks so much for comments. Marion, I was so inspired by your ATC swap that Zetti is my favourite style at this stage. Thanks again for comments.