Saturday, August 8, 2009

Barb's Challenge to Marion

I just went to visit Marions blog and noticed that Barb had challenged her to show what was in her fourth album and the fourth picture, so I am following on and here is mine.

It was a page for Marg in the Bookmarms tipin page swap I did last year. Her title was 1970's.
Thanks for the challenge Marion. I quite liked that page back then.
So for any that follow on in the challenge, post a comment here and I will come and look at your creativity.

Oh, and off I go to visit Lucys blog to see her next finished pages in our City Scape and see she has challenged me to do the same and I have to choose four other bloggers, so I choose

Margaret W :
Martina H
Kelsey O:

So girls I will look forward to seeing what you have as your fourth picture in your fourth album.


bockel24 said...

Thanks for taking on the challenge - sometimes it´s fun looking back, isn´t it?

Glenda said...

It sure is, and great to see how far you have come in your art journey as well. Thanks for coming by Marion.

Margaret Weiss said...

Hi Glenda, thanks for your lovely message on my blog. I have seen on your blog a challenge for me.... I am not sure what this means. Please can you explain???thanks. Margaret W.

Glenda said...

Margaret, you need to go to the fourth folder in your pics and choose the fourth picture in that folder and load it on your blog and choose four others to do the same :-) It's not compulsory tho ok :-) Enjoy revisiting artwork etc