Sunday, May 20, 2012

Canvas board done in DJ Pettit's Class

I have at long last finished the canvas board that I did in DJ Pettit's class at ART Queens retreat in April.
The class was fantastic and huge thank you to DJ, but also to Bevlea and Lucy for organising such a fantastic retreat again. (Can't link at the moment, my Internet not doing what it should tonight, so I will edit it in a few days)
Anyway........ I love owls and have done so since childhood.

Here is the result of my "Seeing Things Differently" painting.

DJ is such a patient lovely teacher, always willing to share her knowledge beyond what she needs to in a class. I know we all love her to bits and hope she comes back down-under again sometime. This was done in her Sunday class. I am not sure how I will frame this yet.

On Friday we did the "Be Squared" Book.
I am still working on that and hope to get it completed this Wednesday coming.  We made all the signatures and painted the covers and learnt some interesting techniques that are absolutely great and I will be using them time and time again.

Anne Squire from Rotorua NZ came over on the Thursday and stayed with me and we went to retreat expecting to have fun and friendship and we sure did.
Anne Squire and Glenda

The lovely DJ Pettit and Glenda
I will load more pics after I finish the book. See you then.


Barb said...

Like seeing your smiley face my friend.
Your "canvas" art is amazing!

Barb said...

Oh....I forgot to mention that I like your new look blog too.

bockel24 said...

that class makes me envious, Glenda!

Glenda said...

Thank you Barb. I want to see your smiley face soon too. Our lovely friend Bev decided I needed a revamp..
Hey Marion, the class was fantastic. You'll have to come to Aus next time DJ makes it here and join us.

Amy said...

That's Fantastic Glenda!!!!I absolutely love it :D xx

Glenda said...

Thanks Amy.