Tuesday, May 7, 2013


to our gum tree beside the deck.   These parrots came in on Sunday afternoon to our gum tree.
They make rather a mess, but it probably does the tree good to be pruned like they do.
Not sure what sort of parrot they are, maybe somebody could leave me a comment and tell me what they are. They are quite noisy too....

Aren't they beautiful , I love birds, I used to have an aviary when I was a kid with budgies, then when Geoff and I got married I had a large aviary with lots of different kinds of birds, including Kakarikis (NZ Parrot) and Lorikeets, cockatiels, love birds, canaries etc etc. They and the aviary got moved every time we moved house. 
He (Geoff)  is a  treasure :-)... I gave away my last few birds when we moved to Australia, but I get blessed loads with lots of beautiful birds just being here in our backyard.


Glenda said...

Apparently they are Gang Gang Cockatoos.

Jo Murray said...

Gorgeous birds to have visiting. Lucky you.

Glenda said...

Thanks Jo. They haven't been back again unfortunately.

DJ said...

Love those birds!

Coleen said...

I'm a bird lover too. These are beautiful. I've finished an altered book in "bird" theme and starting another. So fun to get "bird" art from others that goes in there. Been doing that for several years. It's a slow process, but a treasure when one is finished.
Coleen in Ukraine