Monday, October 5, 2009

Spooky Ancestors

The Paperarts group is doing a Spooky Ancestors book swap. There are 13 of us in the swap. :-)
My page is a Spooky Toy house. The two cousins. Millicent and Baby Amy are escaping from the house as they got scared when Aunt Dorothea with another cousin Tabitha appeared after finishing the Merry go round ride. I think it was really the presence of the resident bat that they were so frightened of.

This has been fun to do. I am sure the finished book, which will have the Metal Etched cover on it will be absolutely stunning and a tribute to Itkipulli images that we have all had to use.


Queen Of Toys said...

Great pages glenda and love the new looking blog.

Hugs FL3

Sharon F said...

OOh your pages look great! I'm kicking myself I didn't get up the nerve to join in on this one! That'll teach me.. and congrats on the new house, very exciting news for you! Does this mean you'll be supporting the yellow jerseys instead of the black now! :) Sharon F

Glenda said...

Thanks Eliza....Bevlea did a grand job of the header.

Oh... Black or yellow, that would be not good Sharon, we support which one wins LOL, cos either way we win, much to my daughters disgust.You should just join in, its how your learn :-))

Margaret Weiss said...

Love your Spooky Album page Glenda. I am looking forward to putting them all together. Good luck with your move and the new craft room. xxmargaret

Glenda said...

Thanks for good wishes Margaret, yes I too am looking forward to the spooky pages returning home. Have to make the cover yet........ More metal etching I think. With yummy stamps taht will fit the theme.