Monday, October 5, 2009

New Zetti and Play times and news

I have been rather busy the last few weeks. But I found some time to do my Zetti swaps for ATC Taranaki a New Zealand group I moderate. Gosh work is a drain on play time isnt it.
Anyway the image I used was from Teesha Moores sheet#c106, the head was from sheet #C60. The wings a butterfly image I have. The second was from sheet C105 and the legs from another.
I have put the sheet numbers here because of the copywright issue of a previous post, to show that I have the sheets in question as well, but have used a different head this time.

I have some work to do this week on my book for our play day that is on Friday.
Here is one of the pages front and back.
1: Mum Laing as a baby.                                                2: Mum Laings wedding

Now, the reason we all go to work is because we owe, we owe, we have joined the ranks of homeowners in Australia. We have just purchased a house in Chirnside Park and settlement is on the 6 November.
Craft room, hmmmmmmmmmm not sure yet what's going to happen there. We will need to add on probably, but in the mean time I am sure I will find a space even if its on the massive closed in deck..........

Might be a bit hot in the height of summer, but I am sure I will sort it out won't we Elizabeth :-)


Queen Of Toys said...

Great pages you have created using the Tesha Moore Sheets, some of her art is amazing and i think your take on it is brilliant too.

Love the photo of the new house decking. Can see us sitting out there doing craft and having heaps of fun.

Glenda said...

We sure will Eliza, plenty of table room, space for drinks and nibble table too, might need a fan in summer tho.............
Thanks for comments re the zetti, I was a bit upset about the previous one that I had to remove, as anybody can do that with Teeshas sheets. Anyway enuf of that issue

日月神教-向左使 said...