Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 4 FotoChallenge FOOD

Yummy yummy, This weeks FotoChallenge prompt with Bevlea and Jan was Food.
I, unlike my townie friends couldn't go to a shopping centre and get anything nice from a bakery LOL, so had to make my own.
I made for desert, Little Lemon puddings, so yummy. Made with Lemon Honey (homemade) or Lemon Butter (curd) as its called over here, with a sponge topping in ramekins, then tipped upside down when cooked. They are meant to be served with custard, but I prefer cream.  And to top the pic off, a Jonquil picked from my garden today.

Please join with us and take a photo of the week, post it to your blog and leave a link here in my comments so we can go and leave you a comment too.

I did have another photo of food, we had some guests in camp who got a deer the other night while out hunting and they left us some of it. Geoff was cutting it up for the freezer when Aroha decided to help him, when I rescued the Stanley knife from her and gave her an ice-cream stick to work with. It was so cute, but I am mindful of sqeamish tummies and some people don't like to see animals killed, but we have to eat :-)  so for now I won't post that pic. :-)  But she's learning early where food comes from, not the supermarket butchers etc


Bevlea Ross said...

looks yummy.. 'good enough to eat' lol
fabulous pic... have you noticed you have a lemon theme happening lol

Glenda said...

LOL GF, They are so yummy and Yep I noticed, well for Shallow DOF??? I will have to do something different.

Anonymous said...

Looks so delicious and fragrant: You are also an amazing food artist!