Friday, August 28, 2015

FotoChallenge Week 7 and 8 to follow

This weeks FotoChallenge prompt with Bevlea and Jan was Still Life, well actually it was meant to be posted by last Sunday night. But I have had internet issues for many days. Like none available, then when I got it back, couldn't load anything. Grrrr  It was caused by the provider of the Satelite upgrading the Satelite and they lost all the clients settings, so only told us if you rang them to say hey I have no internet It got sorted, but then crashed out again about 2 hrs later   Come along and join us. you don't need a blog as Bevlea has started a face book page "Fotochallenge" that we can share our artistic photos on, and if you have a blog then they can be put there as well. Let me know if you want an invite.
So here is last weeks post.

Still Life.
I looked round and didn't find anything really exciting to post, so took a pic of this old bike that Geoff painted for me to put in the garden, the grass has since been mowed :-)
Still Life (left in the old girl)
I would have been as adventurous as the links Bevlea put up as examples, there were some great ones.
Anyway, back in a few minutes with this weeks post "Textures".............cheers Gxxx


Bevlea Ross said...

nice bike.. and you have sunshine! lol

Glenda said...

Yes, we did have sunshine that day......... Hope the plants grow in the baskets.

purple bird art said...

What a great old bike! Nicely staged!