Friday, April 19, 2013

Book for a Lady in NZ

I am posting a few pics here, but not a lot as it will giveaway who the book is for.
Its done for a swap in NZStampers yahoo group as a mystery book. EAch person had to choose 5 words that they wanted interpreted. This one turned into a journal. I'm wishing I could keep it for myself, but I can make another one.
When the recipient has it I will post more pics so the theme can be then be revealed. Sorry the clean up is not good. I will fix it over the weekend
Front cover

Some of the pages

                                                              One of the pages in a signature
Two pages in the signature.

I sure hope that ???? likes it. So until she lets me know it has landed on NZ soil I will just leave you with these few pages.


Bevlea said...

I saw the book in flesh today and if she doesnt like it then she can send it to me LOL... its gorgeous!

Glenda said...

LOL. I am sure she will like it Bevlea. But if she doesn't she can post it to you.