Wednesday, February 6, 2013

School Starts for Paul

Our little boy started school last week. He loved it, and still does 3 days into it.
Here is his first day.
Taken at home before going off to school.
Bell has gone and off I go into the classroom

Half day for the first couple of days. Mummy and Aunty Ruth and Christian came to pick me up.
Next year will be Toris turn. At least she will have big brother there to help her out.


Barb said... cute is that?...and when did the stork drop by?...LOL

Glenda said...

LOL, might have been when I was in hospital in November. Naah, he is our nephew and wife's little one and I love him to bits. He is 5months old. It was easier for me to hold him so Ruth could take the pic for us. Today we took a mold of his foot and hand with paperclay and also inked his hands and feet to put in a scrapbook, he was so good, just laughed at me all the time.

Anonymous said...

Cool bet he was excited

Anonymous said...

Hi hw is things

Anonymous said...

Hi sis hws things hw did Geoffs trip go