Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday night

Well less than a week has passed and here is a new post. My my.........Yesterday Eliza came for a visit and we played all day. Well she showed me how to do a journal in fabric etc and I did the work sort of........ While she played with my blog backgrounds. I fell in love soempics I found so we put this new background and the header on my blog. I love it, but might get a bit sick of the brightness of it. Who knows, so check back and see occasionally.
So........we started off by masking some watercolor paper with gel medium and then leaving it to dry. Then came some fun. Sewing which I have not done since leaving NZ. I will do a series of uploads of pics to show you the stages of the journal.

these are the covers for the book. I think that the signature covers may hang out a bit much but I will see when I put it together. I need to go find some upholstery type scraps somehwere and some other bits. I have heaps in NZ but Eliza shared hers with me for this journal.
Here is some of the signatures and the covers.............

We started the day about 10ish. At lunch time, Geoff called us to come and get a cuppa and he had made us yummy bacon and cheese scones for lunch. He's a good man.
Well off he went to do the job he had to for work and we continued to play, no scones for afternoon tea, just a drink and on we went playing and sewing and talking. Geoff came home and he watched TV we thought, but just as I started to show Eliza how to solder microscope slides he called us to come for dinner, hey Eliza was going home LOL, but he had cooked a stew of beef and veges for us. What a man......... and hes all mine .....
So, now....... I need to continue the process of finishing the journal by making the signature pages and then putting it all together with a book-binding technique. I did a course for two years in NZ with Yoka Van Dyke in Wanganui. She is a very capable and accomplished Bookbinding expert and taught at the Wanganui Arts College.
Hey Yoka, thanks for the patient teaching. Wish I could do more with you. One day!!

So as I do more to it I will load the pics for all to view.

I went and bought a Scrapbook Creations magazine today. Ahhhhhhhhhh you all say, but nope inside was a lovely canvas done by none other than the lovely Kelsey , a canvas about her grandparents wedding. Well done Kelsey, its fantastic and love the texture paste use..... Was it black LOL.............. I am going to do a bit of scrapbooking this year as I have loads of photos that my poor kids would have no idea who, what where etc if I should conk out of this world LOL...........

See you all in a few days.


Lucy said...

Hay Glenda,
Pleased you & Eliza had such a fab day.
Your journal covers & signature pages look wonderful!!
Hugs Lucy

Glenda said...

Thanks Lucy. We did have a great day. Looking forward to catching up with you sometime soon

Mary S said...

G'day Glenda
I lovin the look of your fabric journal, so good to see you getting into fabric :-)

Barb said...

This is looking great my friend...Love the cover's texture and colours.

Glenda said...

Hey Barb and Mary, thanks for comments. Mary, yes I am enjoying the fabric side of this art.
Barb, one day you will see it in the flesh :-)

Lady Di said...

How cool that you got together with HRH ... that would be awesome. I love what you've created.

Glenda said...

Hey Di.
Thanks for dropping by.It was a great day........ Thank you DJ for teaching the class down under,so HRH could pass it on. Now I am scouring the region for freebie scraps of material.