Monday, January 5, 2009

My latest ATC and some other stuff

that was done for Paperarts last swap, Weird Chairs. I do like that pic of Marilyn. Thought she might like to take a trip on a Ship and waited for it on the tower bridge. Oh well, it is the New Year and had a couple of swigs so forgive me won't you.

This year I like a couple of others have decided my resolution will be to do the Challenges I have set myself, refer an earlier post. But I am joining Bevlea, Lucy, Eliza and Barb (from afar)to do some techniques from some of the art books we all own.

I am looking forward to the retreat only 10 weeks to go. Will be a busy time for me, as I have to go to the Gold Coast the week after for work.

Anyway, this past year has been busy for us, Went back to NZ in February for a wedding, had our kids over in March for about 12 weeks, went to Lakeland Florida
in June to buy some Golden paints LOL, hey the $$ was good, nah, went to a Conference, Thats Vegud, Alley, Geoff, myself and an American lady that we gave a lift home too. cant remember her name, bad me.....

also my job came to and end. Then when we got back just over 5 weeks later our second grandchild was born so home I went for a visit, while I was there the guy I was doing volunteer work for rang Geoff and asked us to move to Melbourne to work full time with them.

So end of September saw us move from Shepparton to Chirnside Park, so here we are. Before the move I went to Wagga Wagga to spend a few days with Barb . The end of the year has been good, some art time spent with Eliza and then some instruction days etc at Eva's. way to go girl, thoroughly enjoyed the soldering day. Then joined Bevlea and Lucy's play day along with Eliza which has now become a regular play day. So thanks to you all for making me welcome to Melbourne, a bit different to Shepparton. From art starvation to a wonderful feast of playtimes. Hey who has time to go to work.

See you soon

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Barb said...

Love your MM ATC Glenda... very clever.