Thursday, December 18, 2008

Play Day finished

Well, I have added my affirmations to my canvas made at Bevleas on Monday.
I am quite proud of it. Am I allowed to be LOL.
My DH said that knowledge made my neck grow and that Pinocchio was my boyfriend. LOL He is a shocker isn't he.

The technique was from Kelly Rae Roberts that was published in Cloth Paper Scissors issue 17. Bevlea is so clever and shared her wealth of knowledge on face painting, will I be able to do it again.hmmmmmmmmmmmm more lessons probably. Gosh, bubble wraps good stuff isn't it.... It sure make a good background.

Any comments on it will be gratefully received. :-)
Good, bad or indifferent LOL............

We are rushing up to Christmas time. We are having the week between Christmas and New Year off work. But looking after the business while the owners are away with family that are over from Germany. We have no family over so we will be Ma & Pa by ourselves. But my girlfriend Sandy is coming over on the 27th so we will celebrate a bit then. It really is quite hard to be here without family, especially the babies. They grow so fast.

Anyway, Hope everyone has a great Christmas and New Year. Check back soon, you won't know what I might get up to over the break.