Friday, January 24, 2014

Road trip to Wagga Wagga January 2013

In the first week of January, Bevlea, Lucy and I went up to Wagga Wagga to visit our other BFF Barb T. Such a long time since we had got together to play.

Originally we had been planning a weekend away with all four of us together - but Barb's family and  health issues, along with Lucy's recent auto accident which has left her with a badly injured leg, put paid to that and it was cancelled. Bevlea, Lucy and I decided to rent a unit in Wagga for a few days, drive up and surprise her.

To ensure that it all went smoothly we secretly co-ordinated it with her hubby. We should have known better... never involve a man in planning says Bevlea LOL....... Barb had a day procedure scheduled for day two of our three day visit - and with the first day taken up largely by traveling our time together was briefer than we would have liked - but that made our time together all the more important. The weather was very kind to us, sunny and warm without being too hot.

 We headed up on the Monday morning - stopped off in Culcairn and had a light lunch at the fabulous bakery there that Bevlea and Lucy had partaken of on a previous visit.   Photo courtesy of Bevlea's blog...

While Barb was having her surgery on Tuesday we took a side trip up to Gundagai, I had never been there, but can now say I have visited and seen the Tucker Box. Bevlea took a pic of the three of us there...

We had morning tea in Gundagai itself before this pic and also Bevlea and I took some photos of the old bridges there.

The  heritage railway station is a fantastic place for pics, really old fashioned, just imagine the years of passengers that has come and go here..
 Might do this in Black and white like Bevlea has as it sure looks great, go and have a look at her Rusty Ramblers Blog.

While I was away My DH did some renovations to our kitchen as we are moving to a new job, with a house provided in the country. It is Managing a Christian Camp in Cheshunt, so altho it is a less stressful job than we have had it will keep us busy with lots of renovtions etc, as its quite old fashioned looking and needs an update.
Here is the bench he upgraded with a paint product that makes your bench look like formica etc. Very good and very easy. He also put new vinyl tiles on the floor too. He is a good man :-) A keeper......
I am going to miss my kitchen as the house we are going to has a "very small" kitchen/dining /lounge area, oh dear, Us in our 60s and 3 little children, hmmmmmmmmm might need some renovations methinks....
Anyway. I better go pack some more.
Oh BTW, we finally got custody of the other grandchild Aroha, Toria and I went to NZ and bought her back last week, she is a real cutie, but has some routine issues she needs to learn...... 
Morning hair look :-)
First morning back, and Paul was keen to help her with breakfast, he is so pleased to have her here at long last, as is Toria and Geoff and I too.......... Jared and Pauline are thrilled too, as it was what they wanted all along, until they can get themselves together properly.
anyway, MUST get and pack another box or two.


Cathy L. Calamas said...

Sounds like it was a fun trip. Nice to see a photo of all our PT'ers.
Blessings on your weekend.

Bevlea Ross said...

kitchen looks fab.... geoff did a great job....was lovely to get away... enjoyed our time together