Sunday, July 1, 2012

I was cruising the blogs

from  Collage Obsession  and saw again Itkupillis work for it. Look here.  I totally love it. Especially as Giraffes are my favourite animal.... I have lots of pictures of Giraffes from when I was in the Kruger National Park in South Africa. They are such graceful animals and it was such a sad sight to see one down on the ground with a pride of lion having their fill.
Kruger National Park near Shingwedzi (sp)
That's me in the mirror.. Just wish I had a better camera so i could have zoomed it closer.
I have decided to try and post something every week at least, on my blog even if its not really art related. So this is the first one.....

I went to a fundraising evening for the Empart Missions where they are raising funds for woman in India to be ale to do a sewing course and also have a machine that enables them to earn a living for their family.
We made a photo frame, fairly cute for me but was worth the cause. I like the paper though.

The scanner wouldn't pick it up properly for some reason.
Till next time...

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