Friday, June 11, 2010


As previously posted Bevlea, Lucy and I are having fabulous play days, we are doing a journal of affirmations.
My card chosen from Bevlea's little box was Committment.

I did a face painting of which I am not very good at, at all.. LOL and I pasted it to the page. My committment is to practice to do better faces among other things... To learn and Grow in that area.
The page is dictionary paper that had committment on it and I then painted, glitzed and textured the page, then added the face I did on scrap paper :-)  and blended it in with rub-ons etc, then stamped a foam stamp with Lumiere. Did a bit of jornalling which is mostly the words from the affirmation card. I guess as we work at them I might add more to this page too........ I enjoyed it very much because it is just for me....


Lucy said...

Looks wonderful Glenda, especially when I held the page today.
Hugs Lucy

Glenda said...

Thanks Lucy.