Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Altered Jigsaw piece

My goodness me..........
A whole month has passed since I posted anything.
I had an awesome time at the retreat. I will post pics etc soon. Been busy workwise etc too since then. hence the no posts for a while.
But, tonight I made an Altered Jigsaw piece challenged from 2cre8art, a challenge from Bevlea. Gosh its a bit dark, bad scanning on my part but I will scan it again, just need to get it loaded by tonight LOL, so look back some time for the impoved version.

The piece was a childs jigsaw cardboard, I have painted it with Lumieres Halo Blue Gold and Burgundy along with a little amount of Guatemalan Green and Autumn Skies Polished Pigments, allowed it to dry and then coated with Dimensional magic. I then put a metal corner on it, put some silver glass beads and then wrapped some wire and threaded it with beads and a nice black & silver button. Placed a Faith bar on it and added some more beads as a dangly. Wallah, al la Bevleas instructions a nice jigsaw pin........
Talk more soon